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What Stage Are You In?


1+ Years Prior

  • Identifying a specific discipline and degree of interest (e.g., B.A., M.B.A., P.h.D., M.D., etc.);

  • Setting admissions preparation priorities (e.g., seeking internship vs. an research position);

  • Determining the proper standardized test(s) for you  (e.g., SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, etc.).


~6-18 Months Prior

  • Identifying prospective schools and programs that match your interests and goals;

  • Composing an initial draft of a Resume or CV;

  • Beginning a structured study plan to prepare for admissions standardized testing.

Related Services

Initiating Application(s)

~6 Months Prior

  • Asking faculty and professional supervisors for Letters of Recommendation;

  • Taking admissions exams, determining whether to retake;

  • Writing an initial draft of a Personal Statement.

Finalizing Application(s)

~2-8 Weeks Prior

  • Tailoring CVs/Resumes and Personal Statements to FIT with prospective universities and/or MATCH with prospective programs and faculty mentors;

  • Seeking professional feedback about application documents.


After Submitting

  • Acquiring the professional clothing and accessories you'll need for interviews;

  • Prepare for interviews by practicing (e.g., Mock Interviewing).

Outcome Evaluation

After Admissions Season

  • If you've received good news (congrats!), comparing your admissions offers,

  • If not-so-good news, evaluating application package(s) to plan/prepare for next "Admissions Season."

 Applying to college or graduate school is a highly complex and unique process for each applicant. 

That's why all of GAI's services are individually tailored to meet your needs and goals as an applicant.

Snapshot Of Our Services

Admissions Advising Consultation

60-Minute Zoom Session

Mock Interview Coaching Consultation

60-Minute Zoom Session

Personal Statement Planning Consultation

60-Minute Zoom Session

Revising CV or Resume

A Sharper & More Professional Document

Revising Personal Statement

A More Refined & Persuasive Essay

Program Identification & Admissions Planning

Report On Best-Matching Programs, Application Components, 

Timelines, & Recommendations For Admissions Success

Application Needs Assessment — Pre-Submission 

Diagnostic Report Of Recommendations To Address 

Application Limitations Before Submission Deadline

Application Packages Evaluation— Post-Admissions Results

Evaluation Report Of Recommendations To Address 

Application Weaknesses During Next Admissions Season

Premium Consulting Service Packages

Preparation 360°;

Q&A Access Unlimited;

Document Revision Unlimited.

Meet Johnathan

Admissions Consultant

Helping You Get Accepted

Johnathan, Admissions Consultant

        Johnathan has developed sage admissions insight during his decade-plus professional involvement in the fields of Psychology and Education. He earned B.A. in Psychology from Vassar, ranked a Most Selective Liberal Arts College by U.S. News & World Report. Johnathan also has a Masters degree in Education and he is currently completing a Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology, specializing in forensic assessment and evaluation.

       Some of Johnathan's admissions consulting training experience includes positions as a college admissions exam (i.e., SAT, ACT) tutor, a university-based writing coach, an academic researcher and published author, college professor, and an analyst at an education consulting firm. In addition, Johnathan interviews and rates Ph.D. applicants on an annual basis, participating in graduate admissions decision-making process. More information about Johnathan's professional background and qualifications is located in the Bio page.


Track Record Of Admissions Success

  • Received an Early Decision admissions offer from Vassar College;

  • Received admissions offers from competitive Masters programs such as the Universities of Michigan and Minnesota;

  • Received 8 doctoral program interview offers, attended 7, including at esteemed programs such as TAMU and UVA;

  • Received Ph.D. admissions offer in competitive field (M acceptance rate = ~10.0%)  during first "Application Season."


Expert Knowledge

  • Determining the number of schools you should apply to;

  • Knowing how to best plan and prepare for admissions standardized testing;

  • Recognizing the importance of university FIT and program MATCH;

  • Understanding how to demonstrate your FIT and MATCH within Personal Statements;

  • Differentiating what you should vs. should not discuss in personal statements and interviews;

  • Structuring your CV/Resume to highlight your accomplishments;

  • Obtaining letters of recommendation that stand out;

  • Preparing for admissions interviews.



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