A comprehensive, 10-page, step-by-step instructual manual for writing a professional CV and/or Resume in the context of graduate school applications. 


Provides an in-depth discussion of key topics, including: 

  • Contrasting the purposes/structures of a CV vs. Resume;
  • Initial, information-gathering steps to prepare to compose your CV/Resume;
  • How to develop a "Master" CV/Resume to use to create separate, individually-tailored documents specific to each program to which you are applying;
  • Provides a review of 13 distinct Resume/CV sections, discussing the purpose of each and specific content you should include;
  • Numerous formatting, grammar, mechanics, and style tips for a professional final document. 
  • Includes charts with numerous key terms--including skills and action verbs--that admissiosn committees are looking for to evaluate your technical competencies as well as skill in written expression.
    • More than 75 distinct skills (across 5 essential categories) and over 300 action verbs (across 8 key categories) are included, along with explanations for how to implement them. 
  • Insider Tips on who to seek feedback from, who to trust, and whose feedback you should take with a grain of salt. 


ULTIMATE CV & Resume Writing Guide

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