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Exceptional Value Is Our Focus

In addition to solid marks in their standardized testing and coursework, the following attributes are common to nearly all graduate schapplicants offered admission:

  • Their application package documents are complete, thoughtful, well-organized, and smartly-written. More importantly, they convincingly illustrate the applicant has:

  1. An interpersonal style that FITs well with program culture and climate; 

  2. Professional interests and goals that MATCH well with program faculty.


We tailor services to each client based on their circumstances, goals, and needs. Our individualized approach is focused on refining your applicant documents into a sharp, persuasive, and complete package. Above all, we help applicants maximally demonstrate the attributes making them a superb MATCH and FIT with a prospective program.  



What To Expect When Ordering

Tailoring our services to your needs begins even before you’ve completed purchasing your order. Just prior to submitting payment for services, you will be directed to a form inquiring about educational background, professional goals, and other key features of your application circumstances. 


Within 24 hours of receipt of payment and form(s), Johnathan, our Admissions Strategy Consultant, will contact you to schedule a brief follow-up consultation to ensure our products or services meet your needs. During this time, appointments for teleconsultations and other one-on-one sessions will be scheduled.


Orders culminating in a product—CV, Personal Statement revisions, etc.—will be completed and returned within 4 business days of receipt of payment. 


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