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Our Focus

        In addition to strong GPAs and admissions standardized test scores, successful applicants to college and graduate programs share something in common: they've put together an application package that's complete, thoughtful, well-organized, well-written, and persuasive. More importantly, they've convincingly illustrated they FIT with the university's academic and social culture andparticularly for graduate school applicantsthat their professional interests and goals MATCH those of the program faculty. 


        We tailor our services to each client's individual needs and aspirations. Our focus is on helping you identify well-suited programs, refine your application documents into a sharper, more complete package, prepare you for admissions interviews, and  evaluate your progress and/or results Above all, we help applicants demonstrate why they are a superb FIT with their prospective university and MATCH with their prospective program and faculty mentor. 


What To Expect When Ordering

  • Within 24 hours of receipt of order information and payment, Johnathan will contact you about your order;

  • If purchasing a service related to a written document (e.g. a CV or Personal Statement revision, Admissions Planning Report, Application Evaluation Report, etc.), Johnathan will inform you via email when the service has been initiated and the date you can expect it to be completed.

    • All document-related service final products ​(e.g., Revised documents, Reports) will be delivered to you via email within 4 business days of receipt of order information and payment. 

  • If purchasing a teleconsultation, you will be asked to indicate your preferred contact method (i.e., by phone or email) and time (i.e., morning, afternoon, evening) for Johnathan to contact you to schedule your appointment.

Consultation & Coaching Services

Consultation Services

Admissions Process Advising

60-Minute Zoom Session


Get Answers To Your Admissions Questions, Gain Clarity About Different Types of Programs, Application Timelines, Application Components, & Learn How To Plan The Steps Between Now And Offer of Admission

Personal Statement Planning

60-Minute Zoom Session


Share Ideas, Get Feedback, Ask Questions, & Receive 

Writing Style Tutoring Via Zoom Screensharing Modality.

Personal Statement Revising Coaching

60-Minute Zoom Session


Screensharing-Enabled Tutoring To Sharpen And Refine Your 1st Draft.

Mock Interviewing

60-Minute Zoom Session

Prepare With A Grad Admissions Practice Interview.

50 Minutes Mock Interviewing; 25 Minutes Discussing Constructive Feedback.

Admissions Planning & Evaluation Services

Planning & Evaluation

College & Grad School Applications Require You To Invest Your Money & Time

 Get The Best Return On Investment For Your Efforts

Evaluate Your Current Standing

Plan Effectively

Program Identification & Admissions Planning Report

Planning Report On Top Matches' Application Timelines & Components 

$180 (4 Programs)

Designed For Applicants With A University-Type & Degree-Type Already In Mind, We'll:

  • Identify Top-Matching Programs Based On Your Individual Criteria And Goals;

  • Compose A Report Detailing Key Info About Each Program And An Admissions Success Plan.


Pre-Submission Application Needs Assessment 

Needs Assessment Report 


The service includes: (a) 45-minute Zoom-based teleconsultation; (b) a diagnostic report detailing actionable recommendations for making improvements before the upcoming application deadline.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Application Package(s)

Evaluation Report 


This service includes: (a) 60-minute intake Zoom-based teleconsultation; (2) comprehensive evaluation report on strengths and weaknesses and recommendations to holistically improve application package for the next admissions season.

Admissions Application Document Review Services

Application Document Revision Services

Revised CV


Close Editing For A Professional-Looking 

CV That Highlights All Your Accomplishments

Revised Resume


Refining Into A Professional, Sharp, Focused Resume


Revised LOR


Refining Your Draft So the LOR is Signature-Ready When You Give It To Your Recommender

Revised Personal Statement


Refining Your Essay Into A Professional, Persuasive Personal Statement Showing Why You Are A Strong Fit With The Prospective Program

Graduate Admissions Insight Consulting Services Bundles (Premium Value Packages)

Premium-Value Consulting Packages

Note. All Packages Last 35 Days From The Date Of Purchase.

Preparation 360°


  • 60-Minute Intake Teleconsult;

  • Program Identification &

       Admissions Planning Report 

  • Standardized Test-Taking Recs

  • Composing 1 CV or Resume

  • Writing 1 Personal Statement

  • Writing 1 Letter of Rec (LOR)

Q&A Access Unlimited


  • Unlimited Communication Access With 

​       An Admissions Consultant Via Text &                Email (Responses Typically Immediate,              Always Within 24 Hours)

  • Once Weekly 45-Minute Zoom Telesession

Document Review Unlimited


  • Unlimited Reviewing & Editing Services For Admissions Documents (e.g., CVs/Resumes, LORs, Personal Statements, etc.)


Graduate Admissions Insight